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WhatsApp can teach you how to convert voice notes to text

WhatsApp can teach you how to convert voice notes to text

WhatsApp is a leading messaging platform. The Facebook-owned platform is one of the main forms of communication these days. It is for sure one of the must-have apps all over the world. Since the new updated privacy policy, the messaging platform has released a slew I feature to retain the users.

The features have enticed users to forget the entire hubbub over the privacy policy since the app is as popular as ever. According to credible sources, there have been reports that soon iPhone users will be able to convert their voice messages into text.

Covert Voice Notes into Text Messages

Previously, it has been known that the WhatsApp messenger will soon feature end-to-end encryption, which will safeguard not only the conversations themselves in any form, but also preserved backup copies of chats. However, if such a feature is soon to be available to everyone, only iOS beta testers will benefit from it for the time being.

According to sources, iPhone users will soon be able to turn voice communications into text, in addition to being able to encrypt copies of discussions. The functionality is currently being developed and should be accessible to beta program participants shortly.

WhatsApp’s voice chat data will not be sent to Facebook’s servers. As per reports, the change will occur at the level of the cellphones themselves. According to the portal, after a message has been transcribed for the first time, the text is saved in the local WhatsApp database and does not need to be converted again. This will for sure make iOS sharing much easier.

The new function will aid Apple’s speech recognition technology even more. Of course, in order to use it, you’ll have to give WhatsApp access to the “engine” that identifies your voice; this may create some anxiety among privacy advocates. On the other hand, the additional capacity will be available on Android at a later date.

Encryption Update

Users of the popular messaging app WhatsApp will be able to encrypt chat backups, which are now saved unencrypted in Apple’s iCloud or Google Drive cloud storage, depending on the device. Now, the developers have made a step toward eradicating one of the mechanisms for stealing messenger users’ private correspondence.

Furthermore, WhatsApp’s developers have developed a system that lets users of the messenger on Android and iOS smartphones encrypt their chat backups. Users will be able to generate a 64-character key to limit access to the backup in the coming weeks. Users can save their passwords offline, in a password manager, or WhatsApp’s cloud “backup key store.” If the user prefers not to utilize the generated key, he can enter his character combination.

Summing Up

It looks like WhatsApp has no plans of slowing down any time soon. The Facebook-owned messaging app is developing one feature after another. Most of the features in process of being released or have been released have been anticipated by users for years. It seems the messaging platform is finally listening to user’s feedback and working on providing them with a more holistic experience. We can’t wait and see what else the platform has in store. 

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