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5 Google Add Extensions To Insert In Your PPC Campaigns!

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The number of agencies that provide PPC Services in Delhi and other cities as well is increasing. Google search ads are present all throughout the internet. For us, these are normal ads. However, PPC marketers know that they have been placed very strategically. Google ad extensions help in the customization of search ads so that they resonate better with users. By using extensions, PPC marketers can increase their click-through rates with ease.

5 Must Add Ad Extensions For Your PPC Campaigns!

The list of ad extensions to choose from is enormous. Here are five such extensions which you can consider:

  1. Promotion Extension

Its basic function is to showcase present-day sale promotions. If someone clicks on it, they are automatically redirected to the promotion page. This extension is commonly used for holiday promotional ads and sales.

This extension isn’t available to use for whatever situation you want. Google specifies certain occasions when you can use this particular extension. Apart from these specific examples, this feature is restricted. It makes ads stand out, and this increases the probability of them being clicked. Special landing pages can be linked to them, which convey more information about the advertisement.

  1. Lead Form Extension

It is used as a substitute for the call button. It is ideal for the generation of leads. There used to exist an old messaging extension that didn’t garner as many clicks as it was expected to. The lead form extension is its replacement. It lets users submit their contact information. Such information is always beneficial for promotional services.

  1. Callout Extension

This extension is beneficial when it comes to foregrounding the features of a particular product. Google displays the number of callout extensions depending on the space available on the webpage. They are meant to grab attention by highlighting unique features or deals a product has to offer. Even if someone doesn’t read the full advertisement, the attractive points mentioned in a callout extension can make them interested.

  1. Location Extension

This extension is used to enter a particular location. Organizations use these to indicate their shops and places where their products are available. This extension displays the address mentioned by the business. A user can easily judge its feasibility and then click on it if they can visit the address. It is also connected to Google Maps, which displays a GPS route to make it easier to navigate.

  1. App Extension

It provides an option for users to download apps on their mobile. These extensions can directly be linked to the Google Play Store, from which the apps can be instantly downloaded. Apps boost the credibility of a business and show the extent of its reach. This extension is displayed as a button below the ad that leads to the Play Store.


Using app extensions is a good way of attracting more customers. The palette of ad extensions offered by Google is unmatchable. It provides users with a lot of options to upgrade their PPC campaigns. TYC Communication provides one of the Best PPC Services in Delhiwhich can facilitate your work with ease.

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