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Much Awaited iPad Mini 6 is Around the Corner

Much awaited

Apple one of the largest firms of digital devices is just about to release its next iPhone. The iPhone 13 range is to be unveiled, but while other items may be announced alongside it, leaks suggest the iPad mini 6 will not. Like previous iPhones, the iPhone sharing feature will be included in the coming models. Apple’s next small slate, though, can’t be far away, as case renders have just surfaced, indicating the likely design. In this guide, we will look at all the leaked rumors on the iPad mini-6.

iPad mini 6 specifications

According to Jon Prosser of FrontPageTech, the next iPad mini 6 will be powered by the A14 Bionic CPU, which is also used in the iPhone 12 range. Furthermore, the Lightning port may be replaced with USB-C, and the iPad mini 6 may include a 5G option. According to a prior post on the Chinese tech site, the iPad mini 6 will include an A13 processor, which makes sense as an advance from the A12 Bionic CPUs in the iPad mini-5.

Design of the iPad mini-6

An iPad mini 6 with thinner bezels and no home button appears in a series of renders created by leaker Jon Prosser and RendersbyIan. In these images, the 7.9-inch display expands to 8.5 inches, and the power button on the top right side is rumored to function as a Touch ID button. According to Prosser’s sources, the iPad mini 6 will be 3mm taller and broader than its predecessor, measuring 206.3mm x 137.8mm x 6.1mm.

Those renderings are also backed up by a video of what appears to be an iPad mini 6 aluminum mold. The video, which was uploaded by Technordo, shows Apple’s tiniest tablet getting a major makeover. Newer, unauthorized renders of the iPad mini 6 suggest that the compact tablet will be available in a variety of hues, including pastel green, blue, and pink, in addition to the iconic Spacy Gray and Silver colors of prior iPad minis; however, there is no mention of a Rose Gold edition.

Aspects of the iPad mini-6

According to the iPad mini 6 leaks and rumors, Apple is about to release one of the best little tablets ever. We’re all for thinner bezels, larger displays, and more power, and Touch ID support would be a nice addition.

Release date and price

The iPad mini 6 is expected to be introduced this fall, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who claims it “should be a go.” According to Gurman, the iPad mini 6 might be unveiled alongside the next iPhone lineup, as well as three other possible devices, including the Apple Watch Series 7, Air Pods 3, and an improved iPad 9. We won’t have to wait long to find out, thankfully.

Even if Apple decides to put its tablets on hold for another day, Cupertino is rumored to be planning further events this fall and into December, so the iPad mini 6 might still be unveiled. According to another rumor from DigiTrends, Apple will have many launch events in September, with the new iPad being the spotlight. The iPad mini 6 isn’t mentioned in the article, but if a new regular iPad is on the road, the mini 6 should be shown out at the same time.

The iPad mini 6 is expected to remain the same $399 price as its predecessor. Apple’s tablets have remained largely unchanged in pricing over the years, and the iPad mini comes with 64GB of storage out of the box, making it a better value proposition than the 32GB $329 iPad.

Wrapping up

Given that the iPad mini 6 is expected to have a significantly different – and more modern – look than its predecessor, as well as a larger screen and maybe 5G compatibility, it might be an exciting upgrade, one that will stand out in any event that doesn’t include a new iPhone.So don’t be shocked if the iPad mini 6 is the star of whatever event it appears at when it launches (presumably within a few weeks if leaks are correct) – even if a new iPad (2021) and a new MacBook Pro are on the way.


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