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Understand What Is Meant By Slug In SEO and The Importance Of It

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WordPress provides a lot of options for your digital marketing. Slug is a phrase from WordPress Community. Slug a quick and easy approach to improve your website visibility. Slug tweaking and optimization aren’t complicated or time-consuming. An excellent Best SEO Agency in Delhi will offer you the best SEO services.

Search engines favor SEO-keywords rich slug. So, it is essential to know about the slug. To understand and optimize it. This increases your website traffic.

What is a Slug?

A beginner in SEO would have come across the term Slug quite often.

A Slug in WordPress is a part of a URL. This helps to identify and specify what that page is all about.

For example, a webpage’s URL slug would read as ‘the URL.’ Here the slug after ‘/’ gives an idea of what the page or blog or content is about.

What is the Importance of Slug?

The slug is the first thing that search engine crawlers see. It is critical that you maintain the slug and title of your posts identical.

Slugs have an impact on your onsite optimization methods.

With the appropriate slugs, your web page will have SEO-friendly URLs. That will not only improve your ranks. But also increases your visitors.

Slugs Impact Rankings

Google’s search engine bots use keywords to rank your webpage. Slugs typically contain the core keywords.

One of the best things about making a slug is that it is totally up to you.

This encourages search engine crawlers to click on your link. And eventually, users to click on your link.

How to Edit a Slug?

A slug is a phrase that comes from the WordPress community. Your final URL would look like this, especially when you install WordPress without adjusting your permalink settings: “” or something equally odd.

As you can see, it is not at all SEO-friendly. The potential visitors may mistake it for fraud. Regardless of how valuable it is, users will not click on your link.

You will see a variety of alternatives for how your URL might look here. Select the option with the Post Name because you would have targeted keywords in the title of your post.

You can generate or update slugs as you prepare fresh content for publication, in addition to adjusting the permalink structure of all your posts.

After you’ve finalized your URL structure, click OK to complete your page’s slug.

How to Optimize a Slug?

The importance of slug optimization cannot be overstated. Here are some short insights to help you understand how to handle this.

  • Always include focus keywords.
  • Don’t use Stop words.
  • Try to keep it short
  • Use Lowercase
  • Use dashes to separate words


Slug optimization is a quick and easy approach to improve your website’s internet presence. All you need is some hands-on experience. TYC Communications is the Best SEO Company in Delhi, providing expert SEO solutions. There are various slug structures. You have to determine the optimal technique to structure your slug.

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