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Google Lens will be available in Chrome soon

Google revealed at its Search On the event that the smartphone feature of its Google Lens will be added to the desktop version of Chrome. The lens is an object-identification program that comes pre-installed on many Android phones.

Google Lens might be a useful tool on your Android phone. It can be used in conjunction with your camera’s viewfinder to recognize real-world things. It allows you to search for text within an image and then copy and paste the results into other apps. Isn’t it a shame that power isn’t available within your desktop browser? Google Lens is now available in the Chrome browser, so you’ll be able to use it very soon. The announcement was made today during Google’s second annual Search On event. This new feature will be available worldwide “in the coming months.” Check out the GIF below to see how simple it will be:

Google Lens will give access to new features

Chrome will receive an upgrade in the “coming months” that will enable Lens-style searches in Chrome. Instead of the three-step procedure of highlighting, right-clicking, and then “search Google for,” Lens allows you to search a webpage instantly. This eliminates a handful of common processes while also allowing you to search Google directly for highlighted material, such as photographs or drawings. If you’ve ever tried to fine-tune the enigmatic results that come up when you type “search Google for image” on a desktop computer, the new Lens feature could theoretically accomplish it faster and more correctly. If you need to know how much Lil Nas X’s outfits cost, it should also allow you to search images directly from a video file.

While this is beneficial to general search engine utility on desktop, it appears that Google’s primary focus is e-commerce. The new Lens app’s functionality as it relates to shopping was a major focus of the company’s presentation. Rather than needing to search for a product name, label, or bar code, Lens should be able to direct you to a website for the same or a comparable product simply by looking at the image.

Furthermore, you can choose text, photos, and video material within a webpage using Google Lens in Chrome. The lens will scan that content right away and provide you the results on the same page, so you won’t have to switch tabs to see your new information. Rather than highlighting text, right-clicking, and launching search results in a new tab, this will be significantly more useful. Furthermore, Lens can identify content within photographs and movies, which will come in handy if you’re seeking something other than the image itself.

On smartphones, Google Lens has been updated

Google is making Google Lens on smartphones much more powerful, in addition to introducing it to Chrome. You’ll be able to ask Lens questions about what you see using the Multitask Unified Model (MUM). Let’s imagine you come upon a patterned blouse that you truly like. However, you should use that pattern on socks rather than a shirt. Simply point your smartphone at the shirt, activate Google Lens, and type the search phrase “socks with this pattern” into the search box. Google will do the legwork for you, and you’ll find the socks you’re looking for. Like Google Lens in Chrome, this new Lens feature will be accessible “in the coming months.” It will only be available in English at first. These advanced features will be available on every smartphone so you don’t have to move to ios devices. 

Wrapping up

So, it looks that Google is attempting to render your mother and her well-intentioned fashion advice useless. That will be both pleasant and unpleasant during the holidays. As of this coming Monday, Google Lens will be four years old. The Lens is a stand-alone app on the Google Play Store that is an advancement of the technology incorporated into Google Goggles. It is available as an integrated feature of Google Assistant and the camera applications, as well as a standalone feature of Google Assistant and the camera apps.




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