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Galaxy S22 series marked the end of the Samsung Note’s era

Galaxy S22 series marked the end of the Samsung notes era

Samsung Electronics created and marketed the Samsung Galaxy Note series of high-end Android phablets and smartphones. The Galaxy Note range is primarily focused on pen computing, with all versions including a stylus pen and a pressure-sensitive Wacom digitizer. Software features geared at the stylus and the smartphones’ huge screens are included on all Galaxy Note models, including note-taking, digital scrapbooking apps, tooltips, and split-screen multitasking. The line is positioned above the Samsung Galaxy S series as Samsung’s flagship smartphone model.

The Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones are widely regarded as the first commercially successful “phablets,” a type of smartphone with a large screen that aims to combine the functions of a tablet and a phone. Between September 2011 and October 2013, Samsung sold over 50 million Galaxy Note handsets. The Galaxy Note 3 has sold 10 million units in its first two months, compared to 30 million for the Note II, and roughly 10 million for the original Galaxy Note.

Samsung’s President and Head of Mobile Communications, TM Roh, confirmed in August 2021 that no new Galaxy Note devices will be unveiled at the company’s 2021 launch event, which would instead focus on new foldable phones. “Rather than announcing a new Galaxy Note this time, we’ll expand beloved Note features to more Samsung Galaxy smartphones,” he continued.

The Galaxy Note appears to be set to die

Dependable leak “note is over,” according to Ice Universe on Twitter. In other words, it’s almost guaranteed that the Galaxy Note 22 won’t be released and that the following generation won’t either. Instead, according to the insider, Samsung’s Galaxy S series might become an even more direct substitute by incorporating design features from the renowned Galaxy Note series. According to Ice Universe, the shape is the Galaxy S22 line, which is “between the S and Note.” It’s not as rounded as the S, but it’s also not as right-angled as the Note. Customers can anticipate more Galaxy S versions with a box shape in the future.

The Galaxy Note’s only design characteristic that is unlikely to appear on the Galaxy S22 is the built-in S Pen. Instead, Samsung plans to sell the stylus as an add-on item for its Ultra-branded smartphones.

Galaxy S22 series to take characteristics of note

The Galaxy Note series is dead, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra lives on. Two different sources have told the leakster Ice Universe that the upcoming S-series flagship will contain a stylus slot. Although the S21 Ultra was the first non-Note phone to support the S Pen, needing to use a separate case only to store the pen wasn’t ideal. The new Ultra is supposed to overcome this problem, but it will necessitate significant design changes.

For starters, the display will mirror the Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s aspect ratio of 19.3:9. (the S21 phones all have 20:9 screens). This implies that the phone will be wider to accommodate the stylus. The device’s corners will also be less rounded than the S21 series, albeit not as square as the Notes. Moreover,  a backup of phone messages will be stored.

Wrapping up

We haven’t seen any reliable renders of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that can back up the story about the built-in S Pen. Of course, the S22’s launch is still months away (it’ll most likely happen in January 2022), so accurate information is scarce.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Z Fold series, on the other hand, is intended for clients who value productivity. It’s a lot pricier, but it comes with S Pen support again, which appeals to clients searching for cutting-edge technology

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