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A Millionaire’s Guide on Earned Media Value!

The influence of PR and marketing initiatives on the company’s success will be measured using earned media value (EMV). The EMV score should indicate the improvement in your KPIs and ROI if your campaign met its objectives. Media relations agency helps increase earned media value leads to more lead and sales, as well as increased brand awareness. Learn more about earned media value here.

Earned Media Value

Earned media value (EMV) measures the return on investment (ROI) of material obtained through public relations and marketing efforts. Unlike sponsored or owned media, earned media requires third-party content to help you spread the word about your business. Earned media refers to the coverage of your brand, product, or service outside the channels you control. Blog articles, referrals, influencer marketing initiatives, and reviews are examples of earned media. Earned media, in other words, is a type of word-of-mouth recommendation.

How do you figure out the worth of earned media?

It can be calculated by multiplying impressions and cost per thousand paid advertisements. There is a simple answer: look at performance indicators that will give your PR efforts undeniable value.

Following are the metrics to find EMV. These metrics will aid in the improvement of your methods, the detection of errors, and the advancement of your public relations and marketing plans.

Engagement metrics

It will reveal how well the intended audience receives the earned content.


Your brand’s reputation is directly influenced by sentiment. Your brand’s reputation might have a direct impact on your sales.

Social media reach

The metric of social media reach is divisive. Indeed, today’s computations can’t be 100% accurate. When it comes to social media marketing, reach is one of the most critical factors to consider.

Benefits of EMV

A well-thought-out earned media strategy can help you boost your revenue. Earned media can assist you in introducing new marketing concepts to your company. You’ll be able to assess a variety of new activities. It establishes credibility for your brand and generates trust. Earned media will act as a reliable endorsement of your product or service. Earned publicity will be a crucial decision-making element as more buyers rely on internet reviews. It brings completely new audiences. Building your community is worthwhile, but it is a lengthy and resource-intensive process.

Drawbacks of EM

  • The calculation is complex.
  • Earned media as a full-fledged plan is challenging to implement.
  • Finding the correct media outlets to review your product or service is difficult.
  • It takes a long time. You can’t rely on other people’s marketing efforts.
  • Unlike sponsored or owned media, earned media can backfire and harm your brand’s reputation. You’ll never have complete control over what people say about your company.


Earned media can aid in the advancement of your marketing activities. It helps in achieving your final goal. Determining the value of earned media is a difficult undertaking. Hence, firms hire Media Relations Agency in Delhi to measure the earned media and get a solid strategy. However, the end effect is well worth the work!

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