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What to do when it’s your first time flying?

Flight from USA to London

Are you a first-time flyer looking for flying tips? Or are looking for the must-know tips as a first-time flyer? Know what to do when it’s your first time flying and be a pro traveler. Have you already booked direct flights to Poland from USA or to anyplace else to fly as a first-time flyer? Or you haven’t flown for years because of the Covid-19 pandemic and are slightly nervous about it? No matter what your condition is, what matters is that our tips on what to do when it’s your first time flying can help you a lot.

Flying can be a mixed experience for many travelers while for the rest of them it is a thrilling one. And getting nervous about your first flight is very common when you don’t have the right guidance for you. Our guidebook on what to do when it’s your first time flying contains tips that can help you handle your first flying experience like a pro traveler.

Let’s know what to do when it’s your first time flying

Learn about the airport procedures

The very first step after booking a flight from USA to London or anyplace else is to learn about the airport procedures. As because of Covid-19, many airports have made alterations in their procedures, it is always beneficial to have an up to date knowledge.

You can be asked to present some extra documents or present a negative test report before flying to another country. Also, many countries are making their travelers take up self-quarantine for several days before allowing them to move freely inside their land.

Go with online check-in

Check whether your airlines provide online check-in services or not. And if yes, then download the airline’s mobile application to help you with the same. Because this will allow you to check-in from anywhere and download your boarding pass without standing in long queues at the airport.

However, many airlines don’t provide you with online check-in services and you will need to check-in at the airport. Thus, reach the airport before time to get the required assistance in getting your final boarding pass.

Consider arriving early

Instead of being a latecomer, go old school when it comes to reaching the airport within time. In conclusion, always consider reaching airport hours before your flight schedule. As it will give you enough time to go through the different airport procedures like check-in and drop checked baggage.

Airports and traffic are unpredictable and no one can see the future and thus, it is beneficial to leave early to reach the airport. Also, you can never expect the crowd and rush at an airport while staying away from it. And as it’s your first time flying you might get queries, resolving which will require needful time.

Learn about the baggage rules and claims

The most common mistake made by first-time travelers is carrying extra baggage and then spending the extra money to get it cleared. To avoid this, always do thorough research about the baggage rules and claims along with the weight you are allowed to carry.

Always switch your little hand bang with a non-bulky carry-on and use it to carry your trip essentials, including your documents. Airlines don’t charge travelers for carry-ons, purses, and handbags if they aren’t too bulky and can easily fit in the provided space. Thus, make sure not to overfill your carry-on with unnecessary items.

Weigh your baggage before the airport authority

The best way to keep your baggage weight in check is to weigh it at home before leaving for the airport. As if your baggage up levels the specific weight limit, pay extra fees to the airport authorities.

Make sure that your baggage weight is within the specified weight limit and avoid the extra cost of checking extra luggage at an additional cost.

Mark your bag with a souvenir

An airport contains many bags, and it is always easier to lose or exchange your baggage at the airport than to find the right one. Thus marking your luggage with a souvenir will help you easily identify it and prevent its loss.

Use a multicolored ribbon and tie it around your bag’s handle or stick up a specific sticker upon it. Make sure the souvenir you are using is of bright colors and is easily visible to the eyes from a distance. This will help you identify your luggage from a distance and keep an eye on it.

Be updated about the flight status

Know about all the details and regular updates about your flight. If your airline has a mobile application, then download it to get first-hand information about your flight. Most of the time, airlines provide notifications on their application about flight delays and cancelation hours before the flying schedule.

And thus, it enables you to book or reschedule your flight to a more convenient time. It also helps you stay ahead of the booking game and book the seats of your choice.

Make an e-copy of your travel documents

Nothing seems more horrific than losing your documents in a foreign land and being unable to ask for help. Keeping an e-copy and photocopy of your necessary documents is the key to save yourself from unwanted troubles.

Make an e-copy of all your important documents like your passport and visa and save them in your mails. Also, make several photocopies of these documents and keep them in different places. Like leave a copy at your home and keep one in a zipped kit inside your luggage.

Invest in a travel insurance

Every first-time traveler can make many mistakes, but not everyone can bear the expenses that come with it. Thus, instead of looking at travel insurance as an expense, you must look at it as an investment.

The future is always unpredictable and often things happen that make you postpone your plans, including travel. But that doesn’t mean all the money that you have already invested in your trip will go to waste. Travel insurance will provide you a cover against sudden contingencies while paying for lost baggage, overseas medical expenses, and travel disruptions.

Choose a comfortable airport look

Instead of going cliché for your first airport look, keep it comfortable and subtle. Clothing with too many glitters, short heights, and rugged fabrics can easily covert a heavenly flying experience into hell.


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