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Want To Get More Exposure? Here’s How You Can Utilize Instagram Tags Today!

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Instagram offers a feature for tagging. It also has an element of mentioning. These two often create confusion. Mentioning an account means putting the ‘@’ sign before its username. It can be done in the caption of a post. This would give that account some attention.

On the other hand, tagging is done in/on the image of the post. Several accounts can be tagged to the post. The tagged account(s) would appear on the post. One needs to tap on the image or the video.

Instagram tagging is an excellent way to expand a business further. This method of digital marketing has become famous for quite some time now. Nowadays, several companies and enterprises are appointing an SEO Agency to fulfill this purpose.

Utilizing Instagram tags

To make Instagram tags work, certain things should be kept in mind. They are the following.

Adding tags to the feed posts of Instagram

It would be wiser to tag people or brands that are there in the post. Tagging a lot of people or brands is not necessary. Sometimes, this may lead the company account to be flagged as spam. To add a tag to a post, the following steps must be considered.

  • Start with a new post. The post can be an image or a video.
  • On the caption screen, an option of ‘Tag People’ would appear.


  1. In case of an image, touch anywhere on the image.
  2. A popup box would appear.
  3. Type the name(s) of people or brands.
  4. Select the targeted account(s) from the list.
  5. The tagging is complete. It would appear on the image.


  1. In case of a video, click on the ‘Tag People’ option.
  2. Add tags to targeted people or brands.

After tagging account(s), click on the checkmark in the upper right corner. It would go back to the regular upload screen. Then continue uploading the image or the video. However, a maximum of twenty people can be tagged in a post.

Adding tags to existing posts

Tags can be added to existing posts too. To edit tags on a post, the steps below must be followed.

  • Go to the targeted image or the video in the Instagram gallery.
  • Click on the three-dot mark in the top right corner of the post.
  • Select the option ‘Edit.’
  • ‘Tag People’ option would appear in the lower-left corner of the pot.
  • Click on that option.
  • Type the required name(s) and select the account(s).
  • At last, save all these changes.

Adding location tags to posts

Location tags can enhance the exposure of posts. Below are the steps to add location tags to a post.

  • Click on the ‘Tag Location’ option on the caption screen.
  • It will show the nearby location(s).
  • If the targeted location does not appear, type the location.
  • A list of locations would appear.
  • Select the desired location from that list.
  • The task is completed.

The location will appear on the post. It would be right under the username. If someone wants, that person can click on that location. It would lead them to the search results of that location.

Adding product tags to posts

For this, an Instagram Shopping account should be created. Then product tags can be added to its posts. It would attract and reach more prospective buyers. Posts with products tags show a little shopping bag icon. It would let people know that the effect on the image or the video can be purchased.

The audience can click on the post. It would lead them to another page. That page must contain all the information regarding that product. Also, the page can navigate the audience through the shop and other related products. Then the audience can complete the purchase.


Each Instagram tag has different purposes of fulfilling. Therefore, combining them in posts would help companies to get more exposure. Many SEO agencies offer such services of digital marketing to companies and businesses nowadays. In this field, the Best SEO Company in Delhi is TYC Communication.

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