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Types of Car Insurance Plans by Best Car Insurance Companies in India

best online car insurance in India

Car insurance companies in India protects you against financial liabilities that may occur as a result of an unpleasant incident affecting your vehicle, such as a car accident, fire, theft, natural disasters, and so on. To be allowed to drive their automobile/vehicle on Indian roads, every car owner is legally obliged to obtain at least third-party car insurance coverage, according to the Indian Motor Tariff.

How to pick a car insurance plan?

While many car insurance companies provide basic car insurance plans, it is a good idea to pick a car insurance plan that not only covers damages to your vehicle or damages caused by you to a third party but also covers the loss or damage to your automobile caused by natural or man-made disasters. The majority of automobile insurance policies on the market may be customised to meet one’s specific needs. Choose your accessories carefully, and make sure your wheels are well-protected.

When picking an insurance provider, there are a number of aspects to consider if you want to pick the best online car insurance in India. Claim Settlement Ratio, Number of Network Garages, IDV (Insured Declared Value) provided, Availability of Add-ons, and other criteria are among them.

Different Insurance Companies Offer Different Car Insurance Plans.

There are three kinds of automobile insurance plans based on car/vehicle/4 wheeler insurance coverage:

  1. Third-Party Automobile Insurance

Every automobile owner in India is required by law to carry at least a third-party car insurance coverage, according to the Indian Motor Tariff. This plan covers any third-party liabilities, like physical injury, disability, death, and property damage that may occur as a result of an unfortunate occurrence involving your vehicle.

  1. Standard Own-Damage Automobile Insurance

This plan solely covers your automobile’s own damages in the event of a car accident, natural disaster, fire, explosion, theft, riot, or other misfortune. You must obtain a third-party auto insurance plan with it in order to comply with the regulatory requirements. A standalone own-damage auto insurance plan allows you the freedom to choose your own-damage and third-party coverage from a variety of insurers.

  1. Car Insurance That Covers Everything

This is a packaged policy that provides coverage for both third-party liabilities and your car’s own damages in the case of an accident. Extensive coverage is the most comprehensive of the three kinds of vehicle insurance policies. You may enhance the coverage of this plan by purchasing add-ons such as zero depreciation coverage, engine protection, and so on.

Closing: Some individuals are apprehensive about purchasing vehicle insurance online. It is possible that there are a variety of reasons for choosing the conventional approach of obtaining a vehicle insured. One could have put their faith in a typical insurer that provides coverage only via the mail. The fact that a person feels uncomfortable with the thought of purchasing goods over the internet might be another factor. Always buy it from the best online car insurance in India.

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