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The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Delivering what smartphone users demand

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Samsung is perhaps one of the only tech companies that have nearly perfected foldable devices. The South Korean tech giant has put extensive thought into its foldable and it is evident that the company has left no stone unturned when it comes to performance. The company has made the price tag justifiable by delivering stellar features and an amazing design.

This is not the first time smartphone manufactures have tried a new “futuristic” design. Even the most ardent of tech lovers couldn’t stick with smartphones in the early years because of lousy software and user experience, poor cameras, poor build quality, and a slew of other issues. The Galaxy Z line’s third generation is the first non-traditional smartphone to provide a near-perfect experience, which is why they are the greatest foldable phones.

Further Details

The Galaxy Z series of smartphones are the first smartphones that sci-fi lovers would consider buying mostly because they are such a comprehensive product that “ordinary people” can enjoy them. Of course, they are still highly pricey when compared to more standard smartphones, but the trade-offs that people had to make in order to even contemplate such a phone are mostly gone.

The durability and water resistance of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 have both been greatly improved. It can carry out functions such as SMS Share swiftly and efficiently. Despite the fact that the camera technology is identical to that of the Z Fold 2, the whole experience is superior to that of the Z Fold 2. Samsung not only has the resources to advance the flexible display industry, but it also appears to be committed to doing so.

Samsung is the most active corporation in this sector, but not being the only one. There were dreams for a rollable phone from LG before the company shut down its mobile division. In 2020, Motorola brought back an older, successful brand with the Razr. However, Samsung will be the only phone company to introduce a foldable phone to the public in 2021.

Google, the corporation behind our beloved operating system, is a significant name in the smartphone business. With the impending Pixel 6 series, Google is going for broke in the premium phone market in 2021. While we do know that two phones are in the works, they will both be in the typical smartphone format. We don’t know if Google will surprise everyone at their fall event with a Pixel Fold.

Wrapping Up

As much as users like the foldable phones we now have, seeing these items firsthand has us all looking forward to what could be coming shortly. Apart from the possibility of additional manufacturers joining the fray, the possibilities of various form factors may be even more exciting.

Along with what LG has revealed in terms of rolling displays, we also know that Samsung, TCL, and other brands like Honor and Huawei are working on rollable. Seeing these advancements in personal technology is thrilling, and it feels more real than it has in the past. We cant wait to see what else Samsung has in store for foldable devices and will other tech companies surpass the South Korean giant or stay stagnant? 

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