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The Samsung Clock finally gets the much needed updates

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Every Galaxy smartphone comes with Samsung Clock pre-installed. Whether you touch on the widget or start the app, the app has an alarm clock, a stopwatch, and displays the current day and date. A globe clock displays the current time in important cities across the world as well as the weather conditions in these places, as well as a countdown timer.

Samsung Clock has received an upgrade from the South Korean electronics titan. The app’s new version is, and the upgrade is 25.53MB in size. The upgrade would enable users to skip only one alarm repetition, according to the changelog.

How to Update Samsung Clock

  • Tap your profile image or first initial in the top right corner of the Play Store.
  •  Go to Manage applications & devices > Available updates
  • To initiate all potential app upgrades for your phone, tap Update on the Clock app or Update all

Samsung Clock Updated Features

The Android 12 has brought on board tons of new exciting new features, it has enabled users to carry out complex tasks such as Android transfers easily without any hassle. We can’t see what else the new software can accomplish.

The clock feature for Bixby Routines will now be provided by the Clock app (Android 12 or above). The latter makes use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to determine when specific features on your phone should show based on the time of day, the user’s location, and other factors. For example, if you go to bed without plugging in your phone, the device would automatically shut all superfluous apps and services to conserve battery life.

Users may now utilise Bixby Routines to turn on or off the alarm feature, as well as start the timer or smartwatch. The loudness of the alarm will gradually grow over time if you select the gradually increase volume option on the alarm ringtone menu. The update also includes features that allow users to snooze at any time between 1 and 60 minutes.

The globe clock and the dual-clock widget in the Samsung Clock app have been updated to include UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The Canary Islands, most of Portugal, and the western half of Ireland utilise this time zone.

In addition, the dual clock and digital clock widgets will include day/night backdrop colours. If it is dark in a certain nation, the clock’s backdrop will be black. The background will be white if it is daylight. Select Day and Night Color in the widget preferences, and the background colours will vary according to the hour. 

If you choose to display the time in analogue (rather than digital) on your Galaxy phone running Android 12, a second hand will appear in the analogue clock widget. Another modification is that the timer’s cancel button has been moved to the left. The cancel button on the stopwatch gets the same treatment.

Finally, from the external screen, users may adjust the position of the buttons on the notification screen. In other words, the alarm/timer on the external screen signals that the screen’s buttons have been repositioned.

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