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The Apple-Meta (Facebook) competition has the potential to turn vicious

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Meta is the new name for the company that used to be known as Facebook. Because this is merely the name of the parent corporation, there will still be Facebook, Instagram, and all of the other familiar platforms.

The new name also invites visitors to join the company’s “next chapter,” a three-dimensional adventure into the metaverse, which it views as the internet’s future. However, other observers question if the public will have enough faith in the company to participate in Mark Zuckerberg’s new vision. Additionally, the company seems to be already bumping heads with Apple. The rivalry seems to be getting tenser as time passes.

Apple Facing Chip Shortages

According to reliable sources, Apple is finally feeling the effects of the global chip scarcity and supply chain concerns. Apple released its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings, as well as the results for the entire fiscal year, this week. iPhone sales for the quarter totaled $38.87 billion, up 47 percent year over year, while phone sales for the year totaled $191.97 billion, up 39.33 percent year over year.

While the company’s sales for the fiscal fourth quarter was $83.36 billion, a 29 percent increase year over year, it fell short of Wall Street’s forecasts. According to sources, if not for the aforementioned issues, Apple would have set a new quarterly revenue record of $90 billion. This allowed Apple CEO Tim Cook to claim that the shortages were caused by factors beyond Apple’s control.

Meta vs Apple

There are also rumors about Apple’s future mixed reality headgear, which is said to be in the works. While many were expecting Apple Glasses with augmented reality (AR), the tech giant will instead debut its mixed reality headset (AR/VR) with cutting-edge CPUs first. The device will compete with Facebook’s “Project Cambria” device, which was unveiled at Facebook Connect this week.

Facebook’s upcoming mixed reality device will be more powerful than the company’s current Oculus Quest 2 device and will cost more. The new headset will have a color passthrough mode, whereas the previous one has a black and white passthrough mode for certain AR functions.

Not only will Meta compete with Apple in the mixed reality industry, but we’ve also shared a leaked render of a camera-enabled smartwatch that Meta is expected to deliver next year. The watch looks similar to the Apple Watch, except it has a front-facing camera at the bottom of the display. The camera will be capable of taking images and films as well as transferring photos and videos to a smartphone.

While Apple has competitors such as Samsung and Google, the one in development with Meta has the potential to be as nasty as they come. When Apple revealed its plans to implement the App Tracking Transparency feature, it was met with a barrage of criticism. After all, ATT iPhone customers can opt-out of being tracked and so avoid receiving tailored advertisements.

And now that the ATT feature has been live for six months, Facebook is still criticizing it with the same issue it made months ago: that it harms small businesses’ advertising. Of course, the great majority of iPhone users who have decided not to be monitored are hurting Facebook.

Wrapping Up

It seems the two tech giants will not resolve their conflicts anytime soon. Since both parties are not ready to negotiate or concede, the constant slide remarks and very public jabs may go on for some time. We will have to wait and see how these two IT behemoths navigate each other in the coming months. 

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