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Sure-shot ways to pick the best PPC agency

Best PPC services in Noida

The Success of this medium speaks for itself. But agencies portray success with PPC as low-hanging fruit. There is no denying it is lucrative and offers outstanding ROI – but there is a catch. You can’t buy a Maruti Alto and expect it to tow a Ford Endeavor up the hill.

You need the best PPC company in Noida for your shot at success. How to pick an agency, you ask? Well, read on.

  • They should be aware of local search

Be it offline or online companies, most of the revenue for businesses comes from consumers living in the same city or close by.

70% of mobile Google search includes the term ‘near me.’ If you want to get business from the paid google ads, you need an agency that knows the local market inside out. If you are looking for services in Noida, you need nothing but the Best PPC services in Noida.

We have listed out a few specific questions you can ask about local search –

  1. What is your measure for success?
  2. What is your approach for PPC?
  3. Can you share previous results for your existing clients?
  • Good at mobile optimization

The majority of Google searches come from mobile. 52%, to be precise. The Mobile-friendliness of ads can be the game-changer for any PPC campaign. Users have different sizes of mobile phones, making it all the more important for your ideal PPC agency to be good at mobile optimization of PPC ads.

Questions to ask-

  1. Do you offer mobile-optimized ads?
  2. Do you mind sharing some examples of mobile-optimized ads done for previous clients?
  • What all services do they offer?

This is a deciding factor in picking the right PPC agency. Do they cover all areas of a pay-per-click campaign or not? PPC needs expertise at several stages.

The right agency should have an able graphic team to create catchy images. A team of copywriters to write copies that convert, and then comes the PPC experts.

The right digital marketing agency should have an end-to-end digital marketing solution for your future needs so that the PPC campaign is complimented by other mediums of marketing as well.

  • Experience in the industry

Anyone can do PPC or any sort of digital marketing. It is a skill anyone can learn within a year, so what should you be looking for? The answer is experienced professionals.

The only thing that differentiates two marketers is experience. There is no substitute for that.

The marketers should know the audience, what kind of words and phrases to use, what topics to pick, and much more.

  • Certified by Google

Google certificate is, in fact, the first thing that you should see in an agency. Google has created a wonderful system that validates the knowledge of marketers with a certificate.

Your ideal agency should have the Google certificate – then you will know they are technically sound to take on the challenges in the PPC campaign.

We hope you find what you are looking for!

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