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Skype has revamped its design and added new features

Skype is one of the most used communication platforms worldwide. It is more of a formal platform since most businesses prefer carrying out their communications via the app. It stands out from other applications due to its simple but appealing interface and accessibility. The company often updates the platform to provide users with a seamless experience and it has recently revamped its design whilst adding a few new features.

The Brand New Skype

The TwinCam feature allows you to show off both yourself and your pet simultaneously. Skype is about to undergo some major changes. The company gave a look into the future of Skype, with a focus on speed, dependability, and design, among several other things. For starters, video calls will have a new look. New themes and layouts will be available soon. While on a call, you’ll be able to see yourself in the main view, but you can conceal your feed if you don’t want to see yourself.

To prevent people from being relegated to a minimized view, video feeds are being reconfigured into a grid. Instead, everyone on the call will be visible, even those who aren’t providing video. In the upper bar, you’ll also see larger video feeds. The call stage has numerous viewing choices, including speaker view, grid view, a huge gallery, and Together Mode. You can also choose to just include persons in the grid who are sharing video or turn off the video stream completely. While on a call, audio-only participants can choose one of the app’s background replacement images instead of grey nothingness.

More colorful themes are on the way, with gradients for buttons and no avatars. Meanwhile, “the elegance of the left side panel screams art, balance, and lightness,” adds Skype, emulating Apple to the best of its ability.