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Pixel Pass might surpass Apple One, but it’s not a good fit for Google

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In only a few days, Google will make the Pixel 6 official. At this point, just about everything about the phone that can be leaked has been released, with enough information remaining consistent throughout the rumors that Tuesday should hold few surprises. However, a recent rumor regarding a new “Pixel Pass” subscription has everyone talking.

“Pixel Pass”

Pixel Pass will be a combination of Apple’s One subscription, Samsung’s Access subscription, and a carrier plan. It comes with a “Pixel phone with frequent improvements,” as well as a Google Fi network plan, YouTube Premium, Google One cloud storage, Play Pass games and applications, and an extended phone warranty.

To utilize Pixel Pass, you “must purchase a Pixel device,” which might include the Pixel 5a alongside the upcoming 6 or 6 Pro, according to the marketing materials. This isn’t a stand-alone membership that anyone with an Android phone can get; it’s intended to reward Pixel aficionados or entice Google power users who pay for these services separately to combine them on a Pixel.

If you desire Google’s data plan, you may purchase a Pixel Pass from the Fi Store, or you can connect your new Pixel to your own U.S. carrier through the Google Store. We don’t yet have prices, but we’ve previously seen a Pixel 5a with Google Fi package that costs less than the regular $449 phone over two years. Pixel Pass will likely package all of these services as a bonus or at a steep discount to entice you to buy the Pixel 6 directly from Google.

Additionally, the Pixel 6 price rumor suggested the phones would cost around $750 and $1,050, a two-year subscription would cost around $31 and $44 per month, respectively. The Google Store Pass without Fi could be equal in price, however, the data plan with protection and subscriptions would be more expensive.

How is Pixel Pass different from Apple One?

Pixel Pass is a lot like Apple One, which for a monthly price includes Apple Music, Arcade, TV+, News, Fitness, and iCloud Storage. Google offers its News app, YouTube Premium is available for both Music and TV+, Play Pass is comparable to Arcade, and Google One is comparable to iCloud. A Fitbit Premium subscription is the only thing lacking.

The most significant distinction is that Apple One is not tied to a phone payment, however, it does require an Apple device to be worthwhile. Individual Apple passes, which cost $15 per month, are less expensive, but they don’t include a phone. Although Apple offers an iPhone Upgrade Program for $36 per month, there is no actual combination of these two services available.

Owners of other Android phones, on the other hand, who don’t want to switch yet want to pay for a Google bundle will be left out in the cold. Google, like Apple, may hope that connecting its services will entice people to buy its hardware in the long run, but it will exclude a large number of individuals who don’t want another phone plan.

Summing Up

We shall have to wait for further details by Google to see if the Pixel Pass is worth it. It is worth noting that the Pixel lineup’s latest addition the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are amazing mid-range devices that can carry out functions such as messages backup with ease hence we expect that the Pixel Pass will be if not equally than almost an asset as the devices. 

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