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Noteworthy updates of the iPhone 13 Pro camera

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One of the major camera enhancements on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max was the addition of macro photography to the Ultra-Wide lens. When iPhone Pro owners got their hands on their handsets, they discovered that this mode went on automatically when you came close to a subject, and there was no way to turn it off. It was a source of annoyance for professional users who want or need more manual control over the camera. Thankfully, with an update to enable iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro max customers this kind of customization appears to be on the way. The latest developer beta of iOS 15.1 contains the ability to switch off Auto Macro in the Settings app, according to 9to5Mac. In addition to native support for ProRes, Apple just released iOS 15.1 beta 3 to developers, which includes a new setting to disable Auto Macro in the Camera app. In this guide, we look at the recent update of the ios 15.1 beta.

ProRes video

The iOS/iPadOS 15.1 developer preview Beta 3 update was given out to iPhone and iPad users today. 19B5060d is the version number. Users of the iPhone 13 Pro will benefit from several new camera improvements with this update. In today’s beta version, the regular iPhone camera app now supports ProRes video recording. Toggle it on in the Settings app by going to the “Camera” section, choosing “Format,” and selecting “Apple ProRes.” ProRes video recording is limited to 30fps/1080p for devices with less than 128GB of storage, but higher-capacity devices can record 4K resolution.

ProRes video is a capability that will be available later this year on iPhone 13 Pro models. On the iPhone 13, iPad mini-6, and iPad Pro models, it will be possible to record and edit in ProRes format. According to reports, shooting a one-minute 4K ProRes movie with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro uses roughly 6GB of storage space.

Macro switch

When the iPhone 13 Pro model’s camera gets close to an object, it shifts to an ultra-wide-angle lens to snap a macro photograph. Some people object to this because it may be difficult for the user to capture a photograph if the camera is continually flipping back and forth. The camera app in iOS 15.1 beta 3 now has a switch to turn off auto macro, which prevents the camera app from moving to the ultra-wide-angle camera to create macro photographs and videos. This feature can be turned on in the settings app’s camera section by scrolling down and turning off the “Auto Macro” option.

Other Features updates

Apple previously fixed the Apple Watch unlock function in iOS 15.1 developer preview Beta 2. While wearing a mask, Apple Watch can be used to unlock iPhone 13 models. Users can disable “Unlock with Apple Watch” and unlock iPhone 13 with the device password before the official update is released. Go to “Settings”-“Face ID and Password” to switch off “Unlock with Apple Watch.”

In addition, Apple reintroduced SharePlay in iOS 15.1 and retested the functionalities that were removed before the introduction of iOS 15. Users can call friends and family members, view movies, watch TV, or listen to music with them while using SharePlay. Users will be able to see the same content at the same time thanks to features like shared playlists, TV programs, and iPhone sharing synchronization. Apple is still correcting issues in the built-in screen sharing feature, which SharePlay supports. iOS 15.1 offers lossless audio and Dolby Atmos support to HomePod and HomePod mini when used in conjunction with the HomePod 15.1 beta (invited users only).

 The upgrade method

To get the latest update of the iOS 15.1 beta 3 follows the following methods:

  •   Before upgrading, please make a backup of all the data on the device to avoid any mishaps (Aisi Assistant full backup).
  •   You will not be able to downgrade to the iOS version that Apple has officially closed for verification after the upgrade.
  •   It is not recommended to update using the main equipment because the beta version may have certain instabilities or unknown issues.

You can download and install the iOS 15 test version description file on the device (follow Aisi Assistant’s WeChat official account, reply to the “description file” to get it, open and download the description file through the Safari browser, and then go to settings-general-description file Install the description file), restart the phone after installation, and then go to Settings-General-Check for updates. You can also scan the QR code below, then open it in Safari and install the description file by following the prompts.

Additionally, upgrade to Aisi Assistant’s one-key flashing function: Connect the iOS device to the computer by opening the Aisi Assistant PC (which must be updated to the newest version). Select iOS 15.1 beta 3 on the “One-key Refresh” tab of Aisi Assistant, tick the “Retain User Information Refresh” option, hit “Refresh Now,” and wait patiently for the refresh to complete

Wrapping up

While these capabilities may make an appearance in the official 15.1 release, that isn’t a guarantee – SharePlay was present in early versions of the iOS 15 beta before being removed (though it showed back up again with the first iOS 15.1 beta). Support for connecting a COVID vaccination card to Apple Wallet is also included in the 15.1 beta, so if everything makes it in, this might be a huge update. It is still unknown when iOS 15.1 will be available to the general market. However, it also adds ProRes video support, which is another important feature for iPhone 13 Pro owners, so the update should be available shortly.

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