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Is It True That Electric Bikes And Scooters Are A Better Choice For Indians?

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India has a massive number of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles in the form of bikes, scooters, cars, trucks, buses, etc. The problem with ICE vehicles is that they emit a lot of toxic pollutants to the environment. These pollutants not only pollute the ecology but also increase the temperature thereby contributing to global warming and climate change. Electric vehicles (EVs) are largely seen as the perfect combatant against ICE vehicles. A range of EV manufacturers thus evolved in the country producing cutting-edge e-vehicles like electric bikes, electric scooters, electric cars, etc.

We will see if Electric Bikes and E-Scooters are a better option for Indians in this article.

Are electric bikes and e-scooters a better choice for Indians? At a time when the world is arranging all the alternatives to fight against the common enemy of climate change, it is imperative that EVs have a greater role to play in it. EVs are not only fighting against the rising pollution of greenhouse gases but also helping reshape today’s hi-tech mobility. Most Indian consumers are apprehensive about electric vehicles because they are new to the market, while others have purchased them solely to satiate the growing EV frenzy. But, are EVs or Electric Bikes and electric scooters a better choice for Indians? Let’s decipher them.

  1. Electric bikes and electric scooters are cost-effective mobility:

The price of EVs like e bikes and scooter is similar to that of traditional petrol bikes and scooters but if you consider their operational costs and servicing costs over some years, they stand significantly cheaper than petrol vehicles. Auto analysts have determined that the operation cost of E-Bikes in India is about one-tenth of petrol bikes.

Now, if you consider the aspect of rising fuel prices, one has to take the burden of filling their bikes with expensive petrol. In the case of EVs, the fuel factor and their rising price is eliminated by battery and electricity. This again makes electric bikes and electric scootys cheaper mobility than petrol bikes and scooters, and hence, can be considered a better choice for Indians, who are mostly budget-oriented.

  1. E-bikes and e-scooters have low maintenance cost:

If you are already driving a petrol bike or scooter, then you must be visiting service centers now and then to do some repairs. Because of the extreme mechanical complexity in ICE bikes and scooters, components easily face wear and tear, and it is a usual trend. On average, a consumer is spending Rs. 100-200 every month on maintenance if the bike or scooter is old. This expense is completely negligible in the case of electric scootys and Electric Bikes in India. This is due to the fact that Electric Scooty or bikes have few mechanical components compared to petrol ones. Fewer mechanical components mean fewer chances of wear and tear. Even if your e-bike becomes old, chances of wear and tear may be there but their servicing costs will be much cheaper. This proves that for an average Indian, Electric Scooty and scooter are a better choice for mobility.

  1. Electric bikes and scooters are convenient to drive

If you are driving a petrol bike or scooter, you must have acknowledged your muscle power to move or drive them. Yes, they are quite heavy, and moving and driving them on congested roads requires a significant amount of energy and effort. Electric scooters and battery bikes are a lot lighter than their ICE counterparts. It is because EVs have fewer mechanical parts than petrol bikes and scooters. Hence, they are convenient to drive and handle. They can be easily operated effortlessly even on congested roads. This is one major reason why consumers are heavily inclined to electric mobility.

  1. Electric bikes and scootys are noise-free:

Riding a petrol bike or scooter generates friction among the mechanical components. The intense amount of friction is also generated through tyres running over the roads. This friction creates a lot of noise. They also raise the temperature. As mentioned earlier, EVs like e-scootys and e-bikes have only fewer mechanical components. They are also lighter than petrol vehicles. As a result, the amount of friction generated during mechanical operations and on tyres-roads is extremely low. Hence, for drivers, you enjoy a smooth and noise-free ride. The public also enjoys the noiseless environment.

  1. Electric bikes and e-scooters don’t need registration:

Another reason why electric bikes and scooters are a preferable option for Indians is because of this. Unlike traditional petrol scooters and bikes, which require vehicular registration and a driving license, low-weight e-scooters and bikes don’t need that. Additionally, you also don’t require a driving license to drive them. E-vehicles with a power output of less than 250 W are free from the registration and driving licence requirements.

The bottom line is that these five points are substantial enough to buy E-Scooter and scooty. They easily generate good value for the consumers. These advantages of battery bikes and battery scooters over petrol bikes and scooters are largely responsible for good sales numbers. Hence, one can easily evaluate from these factors how charging bikes and scooters are a better choice for Indians.

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