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iPhone’s battery might be damaged after the iOS 15 update

iPhones battery might be damaged after the iOS 15 update

iPhone users have voiced their concern over the device’s battery for years. There have been serious concerns over the battery draining too fast or malfunctioning. While Apple has tried to improve battery life, the Silicon Valley-based tech giant never seriously addressed the issue properly until now. However, before it could be resolved or improved there seems to be a new hurdle.

It’s a common occurrence that whenever Apple publishes a new iOS version, users quickly realize that their iPhone’s battery life has deteriorated. And now, with the release of iOS 15, the same scenario is repeating.

Further Details

A few factors are likely affecting battery life with iOS 15. For starters, there’s a chance, if not a certainty, that the first version of iOS 15 contains a few bugs and performance issues that Apple needs to fix. Second, Apple’s proclivity for releasing iOS updates that are compatible with older phones could be contributing to the problem.

While it’s too soon to say if the iOS 15 battery difficulties are widespread, those who have been affected have taken to Twitter and Reddit to express their dissatisfaction. One user, for example, discovered that his iPhone’s battery health dropped from 96 percent to 93 percent after the update.

According to various experts, users should not panic for now since the battery issue is prevalent whenever there is a new iOS update and it then falters out eventually on its own. Hence, users will be able to carry out tasks such as file transfer without the worry of their phone’s battery running out at an inopportune time.

Regardless of whether you’ve upgraded to iOS 15 or not, there are a few iPhone battery life suggestions to keep in mind. You can always use Low Power Mode as a starting point. “Until you can fully charge your iPhone,” this “temporarily reduces background activity like downloads and mail fetch.”

Even yet, staying in Low Power Mode all the time isn’t optimal. Turning off Hey Siri is another tactic to bear in mind in this regard. To do so, go to Settings > Siri & Search and of the “Listen for “Hey Siri” switch. Additionally, you might want to disable Background App Refresh as well. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh to accomplish this. You can disable the feature entirely or pick and choose which apps can update in the background.

Summing Up

As aforementioned chances are the battery issue will resolve on its own as it does after every iOS update hence doing nothing, for now, seems to be the best option. Nevertheless, Apple should work on fixing this issue once and for all to avoid causing mass hysteria every time there is an iOS update. Nevertheless, we have had no official comments from the company as of yet hence all we can do is wait. 

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