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How to Convert Images to Text Online with an Image To Text Converter

You might have a few options when turning images into text. An image-to-text converter will help you quickly take your content from pixels to paper. It’ll even do it automatically and quickly, saving you time and labour.

But where do you start? After all, there are so many different image to text converters online out there! To make sure you get the right tool for the job.

What is an image to text converter?

An image to text converter online can take an image and turn it into a textual representation. You can choose between JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF image compression methods. These images can be in any format and are often in the form of high-res jpegs or PNGs. It will then save the image as a file with a compatible format. The text can be put into a word or other creation tools of your choice, such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Adobe Photoshop.

How to Convert Images to Text

Convert Original: Right-click on the image you want to use and choose “Convert to text” from the context menu. You can also click on the image to bring up the “Convert to text” option. Convert Text: From the drop-down menu, choose “Convert to text” and then navigate where you want to save the text file.

Advantages of Using an Image To Text Converter

  • Easy to Use: In our testing, the only thing better than using the interfaces available for the different image-to-text converters was using the same image to text converters online. All of them were easy to use and created professional-looking results every time.
  • No-Hassle Free Trial: If you aren’t sure if an image-to-text converter is a suitable tool for the job, you can always try out a free trial version. All you have to do is download the image to see if it turns into text using an image to text converter


The world of online publishing is filled with tons of great freebies and tools. Many online agencies will allow you to create unique websites and content pages. However, before using any of them, you must evaluate their features and costs carefully. An image-to-text converter is a valuable tool that can take your photos and turn them into compelling and professional-looking content.

However, you have to ensure the tool you choose is reliable and easy to use. In addition, you have to ensure the tool is affordable and has a no-brainer free trial option to get a feel for its performance and see if it meets your expectations. The best image-to-text converter will meet all these criteria, so check out our review of the best image-to-text converters to see what we mean.

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