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How to backup files and photographs with the Google Drive desktop app

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Google Drive is a safe place to save your documents and files. It’s probably the most convenient approach to keep track of your digital data. Users have the option to save their files, photos, and videos in a jiffy. There is even a desktop app that makes backup things on Google Drive much simpler.

How is Desktop App Different from the Browser?

You might be already familiar with Google Drive’s web client. Users can view all of their files that sync automatically from any browser, allowing them to easily move to another device and access the same files. However, because users must open their file manager and drag files into a separate browser window to upload files and photographs, the online client may feel distant from your local computer at times.

On the other hand, a desktop drive is fully incorporated with the local computer. Using File Explorer on a PC or Finder on a Mac allows you to view local files as well as data saved in Drive for desktop. The sole restriction is that files and photographs stored in Drive for desktop may take longer to upload and appear in the online client. In either case, it’s ideal for backing up photographs to the cloud or storing files while you’re not working on them. These online backups ensure that files aren’t lost if your PC breaks down. Google Drive for PC can also be used as a Dropbox substitute.

All You Need to Know

Google makes connecting Google Drive with your PC a breeze. To begin, navigate to the Google Drive Download page. There’s a big blue button on that page that says “Download Drive for desktop.” Your browser will either ask you what you want to do with the file when you click the button, or it will begin downloading right away. If prompted, save and open the file on your computer. After you’ve opened the setup file, simply follow the directions to install Google Drive.

After the installation process is complete follow the instructions of the Drive and you should be all set. The Drive will automatically back up a few folders by default however you can choose which folders to backup hence for example if you are worried you can accidentally remove contacts then you can choose to back that up.

From the Google Drive Preferences box, users can add a folder to be backed up. When you add a folder to Drive, it will ask if you want to back it up to Google Drive or Google Photos. By keeping documents and other items in Drive and organizing images in a separate location, you may reduce clutter.

Go to the My computer page and click the Add folder button to upload directly to Google Photos. Select the folder containing the photos you want to back up by clicking it. Drive will ask if you want to back up to Drive, Google Photos, or both once you pick the folder. After you’ve made your choice, click Done and then Confirm on the next screen. After you’ve completed the process, Google Photos will begin backing up your chosen folder. Photos will begin to surface in Google Photos in a matter of seconds.

Summing Up

There are various subscription options for different storage levels, you can select the one that suits your needs. If it’s largely used to back up images, it’ll require more capacity than if it’s primarily used to store documents and simple data. In any case, having Google Drive for desktop on your Mac or PC is tremendously convenient and eliminates the need for a browser.



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