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How competitive is remuneration in Tamil English Tamil translation service?

Translation Services in Delhi

Tamil was the first Indian language to be granted classical rank, and it is one of the country’s oldest languages. Due to the obvious historically huge Tamil diaspora, the language is now spoken all over the world. The need for Tamil translation services stems from the language’s global popularity. Translation Services in Delhi is known for translations and provides employment opportunities to translators who are well versed in language translations.

In a decade or less, robots will take over regular translation labor. So, you must reinvent yourself and strive to be a different translator and engage in more creative work like subtitling, which computers cannot do.

Three options for translation

  • It is the traditional field of translation. All except a few high-risk sectors, such as medicine, will be taken over by computers. So, there isn’t much of a future here.
  • Subtitling and media work – The computers will avoid this since they cannot handle creative movie content. There will be consistent effort once content localization begins.
  • Localization entails the translation of software, user interfaces, and other materials. Machines can assist, but they cannot replace humans.

Now for the fun part are:


For Indian language pairings, translation pays a pittance. Indian agency’s bid ranges from Rs. 0.50 to Rs. 1 per word. In Tamil, you can write up to 2500 words each day (about 5–6 hours). So, at daily pricing of Rs. 1, you’re looking at Rs. 2500. However, you will not be able to write 2500 words every day. Let’s say you write approximately 30K-40K words each month on average.


Subtitling is something translators would give up on since it’s not worth time. Offers have dropped to absurdly low levels. The agencies pay $2 for each video minute, which translates to $ 200 for a typical English film of 100 minutes. A movie’s subtitling will take 4–5 days to finish. You now see why the subtitles are so poor. Translators do subtitle work on the side of the compensation is good, like $4 per minute.


It is a little better, at Rs. 1.50 per word (but then you need to have a bit of particular knowledge too). As this is a new region, work will rise.

On Positive note

As a corporate executive, Translators used to make a fair living. But client calls, target review meetings, and the dreaded Bell curve were starting to tire translators. They may make 30% less than my corporate job, but also work 40% less. They work no more than six hours each day.


It is not a terrible idea for those who have a passion for languages or for retired people to do translation at home. After all, 2 to 3 lakh each year isn’t a bad price.  Women, who are stay-at-home moms with a lot of free time, can do this. Every year, they can have roughly a million dollars worth of work. Translation Agencies in Delhi can be content, and everything is preferable to nothing.

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