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Google updates Chrome’s design to be in sync with Windows 11

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Google is one of the largest and most influential tech companies. Its search engine dominates the niche market while its mid-range devices are the ideal option for budget buyers. The Silicon Valley-based company constantly updates its products to keep up with the latest trends and provide users with the most innovative products.

While it has recently released information regarding the much-anticipated Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro, the company has also updated Chrome’s design to match the Windows 11.

Google Chrome’s Design Revamped

The Google Chrome browser has been upgraded to better fit the aesthetic of the Windows 11 software platform, according to online sources. Visual modifications appeared in one of Chrome Canary’s most recent test releases, but you must select the corresponding option on the experimental features page to use them.

There aren’t many changes to the design of Chrome on Windows right now. The context menus that appear when you right-click anywhere in the browser or open a menu item have been changed by the developers. One of the most noticeable design modifications was the addition of rounded window corners and drop shadow effects. The appearance of an experimental feature that makes the browser context menus transparent is also worth noting.

Microsoft recently certified that programs that use the new design features will have no impact on the operating system’s performance. All changes are rigorously assessed for influence on overall performance based on the available data. This means that the platform will not be slowed by the rounded corners of the windows, updated menus, or other advances. Consequently, users can easily migrate data without any hassle.

Now is the time to try out the new Chrome design. To do so, go to the Chrome: / flags website, download and install the current version of Canary, then enable the Windows 11 Style Menu option and restart the browser. Most likely, these aren’t the last changes to Chrome’s appearance, and the Windows version of the browser will be updated shortly.

In Other News

Google Chrome developers are working with new capabilities that compare the open page to other search results to help users explore subjects of interest. This tool gives you more options to keep track of your subject.

Users do not have to manually read history or create new folders with all of these pages in bookmarks because the new feature automatically links pages and information connected to the same topic. Chrome also provides more search hints, making it easier to grasp the subject.

Pages are sorted by topic locally, and the results aren’t saved with your Google account, so you can’t access them across devices. However, such an opportunity may present itself in the future. The new feature is now only available in Chrome Canary’s preview build. On the browsing history page, you can uncover travel experiences related to the topics you’re studying.

Additionally, the search sidebar is another useful function. The user will notice an icon in the shape of the letter “G” next to the address bar after opening the page by clicking the link in the search results. Other search results can be accessed by clicking this symbol in the sidebar. This will allow you to compare the current page to other search results without having to open and close tabs frequently.

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