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Everything You Need To Understand About Brand Analysis!

PR Digital Marketing in Delhi

The goal of the brand analysis is to find out if the brand precisely reflects the services, products, and brand mission. If the brand cannot satisfy all of the needs, then the brand analysis is required to provide advice to rectify the errors in the situation.

PR Digital Marketing understands the importance of Brand analysis and management and acts accordingly. The information below will help know everything that one needs to get aware of about the brand analysis.

Areas Covered Under Brand Analysis

Brand analyses are not created equally. The quality of the brand analysis is directly proportional to the people conducting it. There are times when the third party also conducts the brand analysis. Sometimes, it is run by the manager of a brand in-house. A traditional brand analysis has three areas of focus – customer analysis, an audit of the current brand, and competitor analysis.

Customer Analysis 

The main aim of the customer analysis is to figure out the primary target audience. It is used to spot future needs and trends and helps define the customers’ perceptions about the brand. This analysis is meant to gather information about the views of customers regarding the brand identity. Brand identity includes a brand promise, personality, and brand positioning. The customer analysis helps better understand the brand and how the target audience receives it. It also provides the information that is needed to be changed if necessary.

The customer analysis is required to analyze customer feedback at all points. The website, email communications, social media, and reviews are the main points that should be discussed. Once the target audience and their way of responding to the brand are known, the errors can be highlighted and improved.

Brand Audit

There are several things to be measured and considered so that the current brand audit can be extensive. The brand audit helps in understanding the current status of the brand. The brand’s current status tells about the value provided by the product or service and the lacking values. The current perceptions and the achievements of the goals are measures under the current audit method.

It helps in aligning the offerings with the expectations of customers and plan the actions accordingly. Besides knowing about customers’ views regarding the brand, it is also crucial to know the brand views of stakeholders and colleagues. They might not be the target audience, but one needs to ensure that the idea and understanding of the brand are precisely aligned and related.

Competitor Analysis 

The competitor analysis asks similar questions that are asked by the customer analysis. The only difference between them is that the customer analysis is related to customers’ perceptions, and the competitor analysis is connected to the perceptions of competitors regarding the brand. The position of the brand in the market is known through competitor analysis.

Besides this, it also helps in knowing whether the brand’s positioning, promise, and personality are accurately translated to the target market. Compared to its customers, the strengths and weaknesses of a company is also a question asked by the competitor analysis. This analysis considers the revenue, several customers, social media, physical appearance, etc., of each company. It is crucial to know the position of a brand or company in the market. The god competitor analysis looks at not only the direct customers but indirect customers as well.

The Ones Who Need Brand Analysis

Brand Analysis should only be done when the brand is in the position of analysis. Several companies don’t require brand analysis. They already have team members who constantly monitor the information and data gathered by brand analysis. However, there are situations where brand analysis gains importance. After a merger or acquisition, a scandal, a rebrand, etc., brand analysis becomes essential. Brand managers use brand analysis to find out the steps taken for effective rebranding.


The identity of the brand is extremely important. It is important to know about the perceptions of competitors and consumers regarding the brand values, mission and voice. It all determines the overall success and market position of the brand. Brand analysis helps see the companies, their current position and is considered a stepping stone to create an effective brand strategy. The brand analysis covers many smaller analyses other than the three main areas of analysis. Brand analyses benefit the company in many ways.

However, it is important to ensure that the brand strategy and marketing are qualitative for better brand analysis. Brand analyses aren’t always cheap, so ensuring that the brand analysis provides value to the marketing efforts is also necessary. PR Digital Marketing in Delhi helps the companies to create an effective brand positioning and constantly improve the image and statistics of the brand.

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