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An Unconventional Guide On How To Get Verified On Facebook

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Everyone has a Facebook account. Every small business, corporation, or personal brand owns a Facebook page. With the boost in the digital marketing field, Facebook has become one of the best platforms for many businesses.

If you are an entrepreneur, or an influencer, or a star, or anyone in need to reach your audience with trustworthiness, it is necessary to get your Facebook account verified. Facebook verification establishes credibility and builds trust in your online presence.

Here’s a few starters from the best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi on how to get verified on Facebook.

How to Get Verified on Facebook?

Being verified on a significant social media network like Facebook lends credibility to your brand and builds customer loyalty.

The identifiable blue checkmark on Facebook is very crucial for people who may attempt to impersonate you by creating fraudulent accounts.

It indicates that you are a real deal to potential buyers or followers. It acts as clear proof that persons may be trusted right away.

Begin with Submitting Facebook’s Online Application Form

To start with, complete an online application form provided on Facebook’s verification request website.

Submit the application form after filling it out and wait for a response from the Facebook staff. They would ask you to complete two tasks:

  1. Verify your Identity

Upload any official document for yourself or your company/brand to verify your identity.

  1. Respond to Few Questions

Following your identity verification, you have to answer a series of questions to demonstrate that your account is of public interest.

Facebook considers various factors to assess if your business page or personal brand account is in the public interest. It should meet their unique verification standards.

How to Complete the Verification Request?

Following are some pointers to effectively complete the verification form and increase the likelihood of getting your account verified.

  1. Indicate whether you are verifying a Facebook page or a Facebook profile. For business accounts, choose ‘Page.’ Choose ‘Profile’ if you are verifying a personal profile.
  2. Verify your Personal Information to show that your Page or Profile is linked to a public figure or company. Upload an official identity document for yourself or your business.
  3. Affirm the notability of your brand by appropriate categorization. This will help how you are established among your audience.
  4. Include relevant links to your other websites or social media accounts. This provides different ways to verify your account.

Finally, press the ‘Submit’ button. You will receive a notification when Facebook’s team starts reviewing your request.

Still, Facebook might reject your application without any specific reason. In that case, you will have a waiting period of 30 days before reapplying.

To conclude,

Facebook’s team may need to delve deeper to check the supporting documents which establish your request is genuine. Keep in mind that verifying large, foreign firms or corporations may take a longer time.

As a top Digital Marketing Company in Delhi, TYC Communication provide you with the best services in the field. To avoid rejection or delays, you must thoroughly read the requirements before submitting.

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