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All You Need to Know About Facebook Portal Go

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Facebook is a tech juggernaut; it is constantly updating its product and developing new innovative strategies to increase its sphere of influence as a result it has become an IT tycoon acquiring apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

The Silicon Valley-based company’s latest venture is, “Portal Go”. On Tuesday, Facebook’s new Portal video-calling devices were released in stores and began delivering to users.

Facebook’s Portal Go

The Portal Go costs $199 and is part of Facebook’s third generation of Portal gadgets, which were revealed last month. Although Facebook is still a novice when it comes to creating hardware products, the social media giant has progressed in terms of design and execution since the release of its first Portal devices in 2018. Since then, Facebook has released Portal devices that connect to your television, as well as mini versions that resemble picture frames. The Portal Go is the first of these items that can be moved about and do not require a power source.

The Portal Go, along with the redesigned Portal+, is Facebook’s first overhaul of its video chatting gadget since 2019, demonstrating that the company has only gotten better at putting together hardware goods in that time.

Features Worth Mentioning

The Facebook Portal Go is a video calling gadget that you can simply move around your house, and it does an excellent job for that purpose.

We were able to utilize the Portal Go to call friends and family via Messenger and WhatsApp when we tried the device. If they called, the Portal Go would ring, and users could accept by touching the screen. The device enabled users to call friends by looking for them on the gadget.

When not in use, the Portal Go sits on a charging mount, but when you need to make a call, you may take it by the handle notch hidden in its back and move it anywhere you need to go. Furthermore, while short video chats on a phone can be good, anything longer than five minutes is better suited for a dedicated video calling device such as the Portal Go.

The $249.99 Echo Show is available from Amazon, and the $229 Nest Hub Max is available from Google. However, neither of these gadgets is portable, so you’ll have to make your video chat wherever your device is plugged in.

The Portal Go conducts video calls that are very clear in both pictures and sound, thanks to its 10.1-inch screen and superb speaker system. Whether you’re leaning in or sitting back during the call, you can hear anybody you’re conversing with. Whereas in terms of battery life, we never ran out of power during a call, but Facebook informed CNBC that the Portal Go’s battery can last up to five hours of one-on-one Messenger calling or 14 hours of listening with the screen off.

The Portal Go, like other Portal devices, has augmented reality features that allow you to make hilarious expressions, add colorful backgrounds, and modify the tone of your voice. These features keep calls interesting and would be particularly enjoyable for children.


The Portal Go is an excellent video calling gadget that comes with much-needed portability as a standard feature. Anyone who makes frequent video calls might consider the Portal Go. If you live far away from many of your family members and friends, the Portal Go is an excellent method to stay in touch. With the holidays approaching, the Portal Go is a wonderful gift choice for $199.

Unfortunately, Facebook’s public and legislative trust difficulties make it extremely difficult to trust the business with a device that depends so heavily on a camera and microphones due to the previous data sharing scandals, the most infamous being the involvement with Cambridge Analytica. Wile, the company has tried to assure users there is still a long way to go to regain users’ trust. 

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