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A worldwide Facebook outage has a significant influence on games

A worldwide Facebook outage has a significant influence on games 2

Right now, Facebook is at an all-time low. We’re learning just how much of our lives are enmeshed in the Facebook empire as the world gets a taste of the alternate reality where Mark Zuckerberg played sports in college. In terms of gameplay, you could be wishing you had gotten a Vive instead of an Oculus Rift right now if you were wanting to play that new game on Oculus VR. Anyone trying to access FIFA Mobile, Pokémon Go, or anything else linked to a Facebook account is out of luck as well.

Today, Facebook is facing a massive outage, with every facet of its company currently unavailable. Instagram, WhatsApp. This downtime of Facebook has greatly affected data transfer around the world. of course, the infinite hellhole that is Facebook is all down, and people across the world are looking up from their screens for the first time in years to notice the sunshine. In this guide, we will look at how apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram have changed our lives and how much the Facebook outage has affected gaming.

Those who refuse to embrace this new freedom are discovering Facebook’s tendrils spread far further than they might want, despite cartoon bluebirds landing on outstretched arms and bunny rabbits bouncing from hillock to hillock to the delight of all.

Take, for example, Oculus. It’s wonderful to think that those lovely Quest headsets have nothing to do with the Zuckerverse, but the sad reality is that the two are inextricably linked. Last year, the practically evil business revealed that everyone’s fancy machine headgear will be tightly linked to their Facebook profiles, to the point that deleting Facebook would also mean deleting your access to purchased Oculus games. As a result of the demise of the antisocial network, you will be unable to play certain games and apps. There isn’t even a store where you can buy new games. Simply, you’re getting a taste of what would happen if you removed the tube.

The impact of a major Facebook outage on games is significant

Oculus verified this in a tweet that lied about how “some individuals” were experiencing problems accessing apps and games while knowing it was “all the people.” “Working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible,” the message stated.

This massive outage has repercussions for games that require users to log in using their Facebook account, which are many of them. FIFA Mobile tweeted that it is aware of an issue, but kindly shadowed Facebook in the process with the phrase, “we hope they rectify it soon.” (We emphasize this.) Niantic has also recognized that users who use their Facebook credentials to check in to Pokémon Go are having issues. Niantic went on to say that it’s “looking into allegations of inaccuracies” and apologized, even though it’s not even Niantic’s responsibility.

Facebook has been unusually quiet about the problems, not explain as to the source of the outage. Instead of making the entire world laugh at the absurdity of existence, it has had to resort to Twitter to explain that “some people” are having difficulties. Some individuals! What a strange and stupid 2021 lie.

The bottom line

The most likely cause is a DNS problem, which is the internet’s version of forgetting where you live. Some speculated earlier that the deletion of DNS records for all the megacorp’s products could have been a hostile act on someone’s part. Regardless, whatever is causing the massive outage is serving us well. You can expect a trident to be thrust up your buttocks now and again when you get into bed with the devil.


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