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7 Research-based Reasons to Choose Native Advertising

Native Advertising Company in India

Native advertising is one of the numerous ways digital marketers seek to stay up with customer behaviour online in today’s digital-first, cross-device environment. Here are seven compelling reasons to adopt native advertising in your next digital campaign, according to research –

  1. Higher CTRs

Native Advertising Company in India get up to 5-8 times greater CTRs than banner ads due to their in-feed placement and customizable design. Native advertisements shine particularly on mobile devices and tablets, where consumers spend more and more time. The typical American adult spends 86 hours each month attached to their phone, switching between numerous displays to consume material and make purchases.

  1. Cost-effective

Lower expenses per click and cost per client acquisition result from higher click through rates. With the conversion rate remaining constant, the cost per action, whether encouraging the user to spend some time on the material or to complete a form, will be reduced.

  1. Scale Results

According to AdWeek, 46% of firms “are unsure if their social media activities are having an effect.” And with Facebook’s new algorithm favouring posts from businesses, brands, and media, enterprises will have to find new methods to stand noticed. You can hire GeoAds media, a highly preferred Native Advertising Company in India if you want to scale.

  1. Data Intelligence from a Third Party

Another advantage of employing programmatic native instead of merely using social media networks is that each campaign may build on the previous one’s success. Instead of having data trapped behind walled gardens, campaign-level data is retained on the platform, allowing you to double down on what works and make each campaign smarter than the previous.

  1. Fine-tuned targeting

Contextual, demographic, psychographic, location-based, device-based, and intent-based targeting are all possible with Native Advertising Services in India. You may also target people at particular companies and institutions using GeoAds Media (B2B targeting). For example, if you’re a vehicle rental firm, you may target airports where customers are likely to require your services. Seventy-one percent of recent poll respondents prefer advertisements matched to their interests and buying patterns, indicating that programmatic native advertising’s personalized targeting is critical to attracting new consumers.

  1. It’s Easier to Attribute

Native advertising makes conversion attribution considerably simpler than any other programmatic ad. Attribution is simpler with native since conversions are normally (and are supposed to be) assessed just after the click. Because native advertising focuses on the post-click experience, where conversions are actual on-page activities like sign-ups, form fills, and sales, attribution is simple to measure.

  1. It Isn’t Disruptive

Seventy percent of people prefer to learn about a business via content rather than conventional advertising. Native advertisements, unlike standard pop-ups, are an extension of the browsing experience. Native advertising blends perfectly into the structure and function of a certain site, making it more likely for users to be interested in your content and, eventually, convert.


Native advertising outperforms conventional advertising regularly. Native Advertising Services in India gets better engagement than standard advertising tactics, even when viewers are aware the material was paid for. This might be due to the content’s ability to be absorbed in a manner that is natural and intuitive to a user’s normal media intake.

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