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6 Types of Legal Records Which Requires Translation!

As legal paperwork is so delicate, even a simple mistake might hinder the client’s life. As a consequence, it is always a good idea to seek professional help. Translation Agency in Delhi is a qualified professional who does high-quality translations. They are both legal translators and legal experts.

Be prepared to translate these six legal records!

  • Certificates

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, child adoption certificates, and other certifications must be translated. You may move to a foreign nation for any reason. It can be for a career, educations, or a stay. But you need all necessary formal government documents as a translated document. Any simple mistakes in the translation might affect your or others’ visa application. The foreign authorities would view your certifications as invalid.

  • Licenses

Licenses are legal papers that certify all specific criteria. A regulatory authority should certify them. A marriage license is very important where human trafficking is a problem. It is also essential to share accommodations by men and a woman together. Professional licenses certify your ability to execute a task or provide a service. A teacher, dentist, doctor, lawyer, or other professionals would be in the same boat. Other licenses you’ll need are business licenses, driver’s licenses, and import/export licenses.

  • Transcripts

Educational documents are necessary for a variety of reasons while traveling. Most foreign countries need transcripts and diplomas to be translated. If you’re going to work in their nation, they’ll want to make sure you have the education to back up your credentials. If you’re applying to their colleges, they’ll want to know what you’ve already studied.

  • Financial Records

Financial documents ensure the facts and statistics of transaction details of your account. Before launching a branch in their nation, countries want to know that you have the financial means to sustain yourself. If you will be living there and that you have the demonstrated business expertise to operate a firm. If a marriage or adoption is to take place outside of the United States, financial records are also crucial.

  • Patents

It is necessary to translate patent applications into all appropriate languages. It is to guarantee that the patents fulfill the legal standards of all the nations concerned. These legal papers generally need a highly qualified translation.

  • Immigration Paperwork

If you’ve emigrated from one nation to another, you’ll need a complete set of immigration documents. Translate these documents when you plan to live or study there. Immigration documentation is a complicated procedure. It may be hard because it varies so much from nation to country. Always check with a representative of the receiving nations for the needed documents.


Legal document translation is a highly specialized area. The documents listed above are not only the most commonly translated documents. But they are also documents that demand a specific sort of translation service. Your documents may need to be certified depending on the nation to which you are traveling. Approaching the best translation services is the best option for any translation in a quick span.

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