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5 Things Which You Can Personally Do To Keep Your Electric Motorbike Healthy!

electric powered bike

Electric motorbikes are the trend nowadays. Not only are they cheaper, but eco-friendly as well. However, while the whole world and India adapt to this new electricity-driven vehicle, the owners of electric motorbikes need to know how to take care of them.

The electric powered bike is not that hard to take care of. However, if you learn the basics of taking care of them, you can become a pro at it! What you need to do is go through the manuals. Here, we try to brief some fundamental points of ensuring that your electric bike is healthy and well maintained!

Things that you can do without anyone else to maintain a healthy electric motorbike

  • Change your motorbike’s coolant.

The coolant keeps the motor from freezing or overheating, or getting consumed. If you find that any of these functions aren’t correctly performed, you may need to change it. For this, eliminate the bodywork to reach the coolant channel.

Refill the coolant. Restore all the bodywork that you had eliminated. Turn the motor over. Allow it to get ready before you cut to start.

  • Changing the oil

After using your motorbike for a few thousand miles, it’s essential to change the oil. The proprietor’s manual mentions exactly what the frequency should be.

First, run the bike for 5 minutes. Then with the motor turned off and your bike placed upside down, let the oil deplete. Then fill in the new oil. Once you are done, restore all the parts that you had eliminated. Don’t forget to reuse the oil that you drained out at a motorbike shop.

  • Replacing the Air Filter

While its main function is to keep trash out of your motorbike, it may certainly happen that the air filter itself gets blocked by that dirt.

Sometimes the air channel may be open effectively, but you’ll need to take the gas tank and the other parts out. Replace the air channel once you reach the airbox.   

  • Keep the chain clean.

The owner’s manual mentions the frequency at which you should be cleaning your bike’s chains. Just elevate the rear wheel and neutralise the transmission. Use a gentle brush to get the dirt out of the chain. Also, lubricate the chain using the specially formulated lube. Rotate the back wheel while doing so.

  • Maintain the pressure of the tyres and thread.

Keep a constant check on the pressing factor of your bike’s tyres. Use an air blower for filling in the air if it is required. The correct number of pounds per inch required is mentioned in the manual as well as on some tyres.


These basic steps will definitely help you to take care of your electric motorbike. Also, be mindful and vigilant of all the other parts of your bike. The healthier your bike is, the better it is, both for you as well as the environment.

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